Portrait of Liz Lantz

Hi, I’m Liz Lantz

I’m a UX designer and researcher who comes from the world of visual arts and front-end development. I’m dedicated to accessibility, inclusivity, collaboration, and getting feedback from the people impacted by my work all along the way.

I currently work on VA.gov with Ad Hoc as a Managing Senior Designer. My team builds products for Veterans to make it easier for them to access and manage their personal information and VA benefits.

Background and skills

I’ve been working in tech since 2011 in both the private and public sector. My FE development work on large e-commerce sites piqued my interest in UX. I began serving in the public sector as a hybrid UX designer and developer, and then made my dream come true by dedicating myself fully to UX in 2018.

My LinkedIn profile serves as an online resume, packed with details about my skills and experience.

A few skills I’m proud of

  • Creative and collaborative problem solving
  • Ability to find information and foster connections
  • Building trust early on with people in all facets of my work, from stakeholders to research participants.

After hours

When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my family, surfing, practicing yoga, or making something. Something could be food, block prints, or a mess in the garden. I’m full of surprises.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to get in touch or, please send me an email at liz@lizlantz.com, or call me at 843-898-4463.