Hi, I'm Liz Lantz

a front-end developer with a passion for user experience design based in Charleston, SC

Get to Know Me

I'm a UI/UX Developer with a passion for creating intuitive, engaging and productive experiences. I specialize in front-end development and UX design.

I've had the opportunity to lead a wide range of projects including e-commerce management, custom application development and usability studies. As a result, I'm a well-rounded developer who can collaborate with folks across a variety of disciplines. I'm extremely curious and love to take on projects that teach me new skills.

When I'm not on the web, I like to:

Cook (and eat)

Take pictures


Make Music


    Tech Toolbox

  • HTML, CSS, Sass
  • jQuery, JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • Git, SVN
  • JIRA & Basecamp
  • UXPin, Adobe Creative Suite

    User Experience

  • Usability Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Facilitation & Critique
  • Project Management
  • User Interface Design
  • Content Strategy

    I also know about:

  • E-Commerce
  • PHP, mySQL
  • Information Architecture
  • Sketch
  • Google Analytics
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Fluent Spanish

Work Samples

Job Posting Management

Role: Web Development, UX & UI Design, Project Manager, Database Design


With a growing headquarters and nearly 100 retail stores across the country, Le Creuset needed the ability to manage job postings and enable online applications. The careers tool needed to allow for jobs in multiple departments, resume uploading, and job board management by the Human Resources staff.


I taught myself pHp and mySQL to create a simple and easy-to-use internal tool, empowering our HR staff to list, edit and remove jobs as needed — an especially valuable benefit during the holiday hiring season. For the customer facing site, I developed an intuitive careers section for lecreuset.com that allowed candidates to easily browse jobs by department, and apply directly on the website.

More Info

This project brought out some serious creativity: I had to use pHp to build the tool, and seamlessly integrate it into a site running on a server that did not support PHP.

Conference Site

Role: Web Development, UX & UI Design, Usability Testing, Project Manager, Content Strategy


Le Creuset's conference coordinators were managing the planning and communication of national conferences via email, resulting in a repetitive and manual process. I proposed a mobile-first, responsive site that would serve as an information center for conference attedees and simplify the planning process for our coordinators. In order to be most useful to the conference staff, the site would have to be live in 6 weeks.


Based on functional specs established through stakeholder and user interviews, I designed a WordPress site easily updatable by our non-techy conference managers. The site provides a registration tool for national company conferences and gives users access to all relevant details (hotel, venues, agenda, etc) from their mobile device. Many of the attendees are infrequent travelers, so having this information easily accessible throughout their journey built confidence and allowed conference manageres to focus on the big picture.

More Info

Taking the time to write a proper requirements doc with milestones helped keep everyone on schedule for the tight timeline, and I was able to make a few modifications to an previously created WP theme to save design time. It was really rewarding to create a CMS interface that empowered my co-workers to maintain the site on their own, and to see how excited previous conference attedees were to get a tool like this during usability testing.

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Product Registration Form

Role: Database Design, Web Development, UI Design


Lecreuset.com was launched with a warranty form that wasn't correctly capturing data. 800 submissions were missed and the form needed to be reprogrammed to capture submissions.


For Phase 1, I worked with our platform vendor's back-end team to accomplish the main objective and also make for improvements for customer clarity. Once we had metrics to analyze after about six months of submissions, I went through two more iterations to improve usability and data integrity, benefiting the end user, along with our customer service and marketing teams. 4,000 registrations have been captured to date.

More Info

One of the most valuable improvements was modifying the form to allow registration for multiple products in one form submission. Introducing this functionality inspired some great improvements in our database design, making it easier to maintain customer records, and also reduced the influx of emails sent to our customer service department.

Asset Library

Role: Web Development, UX/UI design, Content Stragegy, Technical Project Lead


Le Creuset's assets collection and user base had out-grown their media management lizlantz. My image research and web development skills made me the perfect candidate to create a online library to manage assets and users that would allow for self-service as much as possible.


As the UX and web development lead for an international team, I customized an open-soure, pHp based solution that empowered users to search an extensive database, create and share asset collections, download files and request access to specialty imagery. This increased the brand value of Le Creuset to it's customers while providing an improved user experience from the previous solution.

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